Coach Jerry Dewayne Johnson



My name is Jerry Dewayne Johnson and I just wanted to post this review of Mr. Ruas.  I am a retired Navy Chief, father of three girls and a wonderful wife that is a doctor and loves helping others.  I have been with Mr. Ruas for over 5 years now and I have seen him go through many things, both good and bad.  The one thing that has been a constant that I have seen through the hard times is his love for his students, his commitment to excellence, his loyalty to his students and his determination to leave something positive in this world.

I have watched him bring professional fighters from the UFC to Pensacola in order to make a true market for the sport locally.  Again, you can have the best plan but if you are with the wrong people, it will not work.  Yes, we were involved with people that only driven by their desire to make money, and did not want to make the community better or work with kids that really needed it.  I have trained with this man when we had nothing, no place to train, training in the worst of places, but his loyalty never changed, his teachings never changed and his character has never changed.

Now many years later, Mr. Ruas, with the same loyalty and commitment, had opened a very nice gym in Pensacola. He has now expanded the ASR Brazilian Jiu Jitsu system to the city of Pace.  I have led many sailors into war, I have been all over the world and seen many smart people.  I can say without blinking that this man is a true leader and truly wants to make a difference.  He has made something of himself when everyone else only wanted to use him.  In my mind, he exemplifies the characteristics of a “real” man; he takes care of his family while he always trying to move up the ladder of life.  Jiu Jitsu is great, but what Mr. Ruas teaches is honor, courage, commitment, loyalty and character. The potential is interesting, but performance counts. Mr. Ruas has shown me performance on a big level…..


Wesley Mulvey


Hello, I would like to share this brief story with you about my journey that I am on. This journey began 3 months before my 50th birthday. I am talking about my journey at ALEX SILVA RUAS BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU. It has changed my life mentally physically and spiritually. If you have heard the saying age is just a number, believe it. It is if you so desire it. Within a few months of training everything about me started to change, thanks to the guidance of Mr.Ruas. I lost twenty lbs in a month yes in a month, due to proper diet and training. I said diet was not dieting. I didn’t have to stop eating I actually ate more just good food. The atmosphere is what I love the most about TEAM ASR we are a FAMILY. From a guy my age to our youngest member who is five years old, we push ourselves and support each other inside and out of the gym. That’s why every class is an adventure constantly changing, bringing different challenges. Just like life! Mr.Ruas is constantly pushing his students to the next level. He is a builder of champions on the mat and in life. So this is the journey I choose to travel. Now when I post ASR you know what I mean! THANK YOU MR.RUAS AND THANK MY LORD GOD FOR ALL THAT YOU GIVE TO ME.

Johnny Messer


 My name is Johnny Messer, I have been training with Mr. Ruas for two and a half years now. I will never train at any other martial arts dojo or gym again. Training at Alex Silva Ruas Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has changed my life in many positive ways. For one; at thirty-five years of age, I am in the best physical condition of my life. I have put on twenty pounds of almost all muscle (no lifting weights, no supplements). I am literally bigger and stronger than I was at twenty-one. The training is so intense I was forced to quit smoking, even though I had trained other martial arts while smoking. I now have more energy and feel better than I ever have. These are just some of the physical and fitness benefits I have gained from training with ASR BJJ. I have gained probably twice the benefits spiritually and mentally from training with Mr. Ruas, the self-confidence I have gained from training with ASR BJJ has been worth every cent I paid in dues and then some. Training at ASR is like being around your good friends or family, it is truly a no ego, everybody tries to make everyone else better gym. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your team, Coach.


Jason Condi



Mr. Ruas:

I started doing Jiu-jitsu while I was in school back in Maryland.  I found it as a great way to hone my mind and help me to get in better physical condition.  Since moving to Pensacola for flight training, I have been wanting to start in martial arts again for some period of time.  I came to Mr. Rua’s gym and began training.  I was taken aback by their willingness to accept me into their family and the quality of the training that I received.


Jason Condi

Matthew Vann


Almost two years ago, a friend from my children’s school (Montessori School of Pensacola) named Jerry Johnson approached me and asked if I was participating in any kind of martial arts training. At the time, my two teenage sons, Eliiahu (15) and Mosheh (13) were doing some Kung Fu training with a friend in his workshop. Jerry explained his involvement with Coach Alex Ruas and shared his testimony of how finding and practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu had helped him. My oldest son Eli had been asking about Jiu Jitsu for almost a year since he started taking martial arts classes at the Vickery Center. Jerry’s invitation was welcoming but the thought of starting my martial arts training at age 36 was intimidating. Once my son Eli received his first report card from the Pensacola High School International Baccalaureate Program with good grades, I knew it was the time to start.


I started by watching Eli participate in the Friday night open role as well as a Monday night class and Wednesday night class. I was immediately impressed with Alex’s health-conscious philosophy, positive attitude and approach to life and dynamic interaction with his students. After a week of observation, I chose to rearrange my schedule so I could participate three evenings a week. We have now become members of the gym and my two sons and I have been training in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and grappling for almost two months. There is a great family atmosphere at the gym and we feel welcomed into a brotherhood. I appreciate the opportunity to spend this quality time with my two eldest sons and I am eager to start my 5 and 6-year-old sons as soon as the youth program starts in the new facility.

Coach Alex has helped me change my life. His philosophy of life and the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu have reminded me of how important it is to keep my body clean and pure. Alex, my new coach, is helping build a new man with hard consistent training, discipline and a lot of patience. I have been so inspired that I no longer drink coffee or consume any alcohol, two habits I’ve had for longer than I care to share. My diet, which was already mostly organic, has changed with the implementation of nutritional supplements. My sons and I have been taking the Greens Today Superfood daily and we have all noticed a significant increase in energy. I am on the tail end of a 15-day detox which will be followed by another 10 days cleanse for parasites. This shift in my life has energized me and made waking up every day very exciting. Although this is only the beginning of a lifelong journey, I feel empowered and rejuvenated. Thank you, Coach Alex!


Jason Weber


I have been training with Coach Ruas for less than a year.  He motivates us to keep getting better all the time and creates a great team environment.  All the guys in the gym show respect for one another and are willing to help each other learn.  These guys are not only my training partners but are becoming my friends and family.


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