Here at ASR BJJ we value the importance of creating a family atmosphere. We treat all of our students exactly like family by upholding a sense of ethics, morals, and values. A big part of this is encouraging our students to start training at a young age. With our Kids BJJ, we strive to build a strong foundation for their future. Our instructors, staff, and Coach Ruas himself absolutely adore our youngest students. They bring not only a hope for our future but vibrant energies, passion, and innocence. We could not imagine our school without them. Though there are many we decided to focus on one for the moment. Our student we want to highlight is Rohwan Kent! Rohwan studies here at ASR with her mother, Sharon. We took a few minutes to ask Rohwan a few questions about her journey in BJJ here at ASR and just about herself.


What is your name?

Rohwan Kent

How long have you been studying BJJ?

About one year

What belt rank are you? 

Junior Grey Belt

What is your favorite Submission?

Kimura from side control

Favorite part of BJJ?

Dodgeball. It helps my skill! Also making friends

What do you do for fun?

I like to play with my toys. My Little Pony, my favorite is Fluttershy, and Littlest Petshop

How do you do in school?

I haven’t gotten my report card yet, but my last grade was an A+!

What are your goals or dreams with learning and training BJJ?

I want to become a Junior Orange Belt.  Also competing which I hope is next summer!

What has ASR Jiu-Jitsu taught you here at our school with Coach Ruas?

To be kind and stand up for myself. Also help someone in trouble if they are bullied.

What is your favorite color?


Who is your favorite Martial Artist?

Coach Jerry Johnson

Do you have any other family members that study with you?

My mom. Sharon!

What other sports do you do?

Sometimes I play soccer at school.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Singer and an artist.

What is your favorite food? 

Macaroni and Cheese, grits, and pizza.

received_1078965908782366           Rohwan Rolling with her mother Sharon


Rohwan has put in a lot of time and dedication at our school and is one of our students who we are always proud to train with and teach. Her growth over the last year has been something we are proud to showcase in this interview.  Her coaches speak highly of her saying “Rohwan always bring great energy to class,” and, “Rohwan is always ready to train and her excitement is contagious!”  Recently Rohwan has accomplished good grades and has had nothing but stellar performances in school. Her mother, Sharon, attributes part of her success to the discipline and respect she has learned from Coach Ruas and his staff. We know that Rohwan will only continue to succeed and has a bright future with ASR Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and anything else she decides to pursue.


Come and visit our school to not only meet Rohwan and Sharon but the rest of our ASR family and Coach Alex Silva Ruas. You can reach us by phone 850-602-3872 or 850-288-3177. Also don’t forget about our Website. “Looking forwards to seeing you on the mat!”