So far we here at ASR BJJ have done a few articles on our students. We like to highlight not only our young students but our adult students as well. We want people to understand the versatility of this sport and how it was developed with the idea in mind that anyone can learn. Our family has a huge variety of students from all walks of life, especially our adults. They all have personalities, talents, and careers that contribute to our ASR family. Sometimes they come in and take lessons after their children have started. Parents often become interested in the art of BJJ once they see what it does for their children. Other times they came in on their own looking to become a student from the beginning. Whatever the case any type of student who has a good attitude, is a hard worker, and is willing to learn is welcome in our school. Today we chose to interview our student Jessica Marie who fits our image of the ideal student. She is a very active and physically fit young woman who came to our school looking for a new challenge. Jessica is young and petite, but do not let that fool you! She is as tough as they come and often rolls with the guys and even Coach Ruas. She is one of our senior female students and has worked hard to achieve her accomplishments. We took a few minutes to sit down with Jessica and ask her a few questions about her journey with BJJ.



Jessica rolling with Coach Alex Silva Ruas 

What is your name?

Jessica Marie

What do you do for a living?

Physical Trainer. I am currently going to school to be a nurse.

How long have you been practicing ASR Jiu-Jitsu?

I have been studying BJJ for three years

What is your belt Rank?

Blue Belt

Do you have any family members that practice with you?

Yes, my husband Randy. Also my son Bruin and in the future my youngest son Ryker.

What has ASR Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu taught you and how has it changed your life?

I have an extended family here at ASR. I love the values BJJ has taught me also the loyalty we strive to teach. Also how coach teaches and supports the empowerment of women.

What are your goals with BJJ? 

I want to eventually become a black belt and one day an instructor

Who is your favorite Martial Artist?

Mackenzie Dern

Who is your favorite Super Hero?

Thor 🙂

What is your favorite food?

My mom’s Chicken Parmesan


Jessica with her husband Randy


Jessica with Coach Alex Silva Ruas at a prior graduation

Jessica is just one of our adult students that we are extremely proud to feature. She is always smiling and willing to give you a good roll. Jessica always loves to meet new students and help them in class as a senior student herself. Her  coaches had this to say about Jessica, “Jessica is always smiling. Don’t let that sweet smile fool you, though, She is nice. Nice and tough!” and also, “Jessica and her family are not only students but treasured assets to us with their natural talents, attitudes, and values.” Jessica is what we strive to have as not only a student but again as a member of our ASR family.

Come and visit our school to not only meet Jessica and her family but the rest of our ASR family and Coach Alex Silva Ruas. You can reach us by phone 850-602-3872 or 850-288-3177. Also don’t forget about  our website ASR BJJ. “Looking forwards to seeing you on the mat!”