Here at ASR BJJ we value the importance of creating a family atmosphere. We treat all of our students exactly like family by upholding a sense of ethics, morals, and values. A big part of this is encouraging our students to start training at a young age. With our Kids BJJ we strive to build a strong foundation for their future. Our instructors, staff, and Coach Ruas himself absolutely adore our youngest students. They bring not only a hope for our future but vibrant energies, passion, and innocence. We could not imagine our school without them. Though there are many we decided to focus on one for the moment. Our student we want to highlight is Wyatt Ethan! Wyatt studies at ASR as one of our young ASR BJJ Kids. We took a few minutes to ask Wyatt a few questions about his journey in BJJ here at ASR and just about himself.


What is your name?

Wyatt Ethan

How long have you been studying BJJ?

For one year

What belt rank are you?

Grey Belt

What is your favorite Submission?

Rear naked choke and armbars

Favorite part of BJJ?

It has made me more confident. I have also made a lot of new friends.

What do you do for fun?

ASR Jiu-Jitsu! 🙂

How do you do in school?

I do good. My favorite subjects are Science, Art, and P.E.

What are your goals or dreams with learning and training BJJ?

I want to become a Red Belt. Someday I want to compete and I want to win.

What has ASR Jiu-Jitsu taught you here at our school with Coach Ruas?

How to protect myself. To be more confident. Also taught me to be proud of my accomplishments no matter how small.

What is your favorite color?

Forest Green

Who is your favorite Martial Artist?

Randy Arbogast. His beard is awesome!

Do you have any other family members that study with you?

No. But my dad and brother want to maybe try soon.

What other sports do you do?

Just Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 🙂

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A sniper!

What is your favorite food?

A double whopper from Burger King

Wyatt has worked hard at our school and is one of our students who has faced many personal challenges in his life. He has worked very hard to overcome them and has become a valuable member of our family here. His coaches speak fondly of him saying “He always works hard no matter what. Wyatt will always work to accomplish any challenge and shows great drive,” and, “He always takes his time and does things at his own pace. He has tremendous patience and is a good example of how BJJ is good for any person no matter what age, ability, or size.” Wyatt is always extremely respectful to anyone he speaks too. Several parents and adult students have commented that Wyatt speaks with a vocabulary and ability far above his age. He is also very intelligent and brings his mind as his greatest tool to the mat every time he rolls.

Here he is with his whole family (They often all come to watch him practice)


Come and visit our school to not only meet Wyatt but the rest of our ASR family and Coach Alex Silva Ruas. You can reach us by phone 850-602-3872 or 850-288-3177. Also don’t forget about  our website ASR BJJ  . “Looking forwards to seeing you on the mat!”