Hello, Everyone! Now that we are caught up here at ASR from the holidays, construction, and the beginning of the year we can finally get back on schedule. We had so much happening in such a short amount of time, literally only a month. Coach Ruas was inducted into the Santa Rosa County Chamber of Commerce as a board member and of course, the construction began on our expansion. It may not sound like a lot, but it sure kept Coach Ruas and the ASR staff busy for the entire month of January!
We had started planning the construction of our expansion mid last year. However, it was decided, due to the fast approaching holidays we would begin construction at the beginning of the year instead. That way it could be a fresh start for our facility at the new year reinvigorating the energies in our staff, instructors, and students. Everyone was such a big help and so understanding in the few days we had to postpone classes due to construction. We can’t thank you enough for the patience and support you all have showed in our transition. It was from the beginning all for our ASR family and friends. The physical proof our growth, this expansion, is the symbol of your hard work, dedication, and love. Without ASR family and friends this expansion would not have been possible. This is our gift to you!


To begin with we had to knock down and open a cinder block wall and create a door. Coach Ruas had already decided to use the building next door. It sounded easy, but it was anything but easy. The cinder block wall had to be cut first with a special type of saw. The cinder blocks created a huge amount of dust as they were cut. The cutting had to take place gradually so the dust could be controlled by a vacuum. Soon the proper places in the cinder block wall had been cut and from there the construction crew could begin taking the blocks out. From here you would think you would just use a sledgehammer and knock them out enthusiastically. However, again, it wasn’t that simple. The wall had electrical outlets and wiring that would require special care as the blocks were removed. Eventually, we broke through and officially had a door!

12400832_10205283631436398_7242606352248153091_nThe new room chosen as our expansion before construction


Some of the Cinder Blocks removed. Each one weighs 28lbs.


The process of gradually getting through the wall.


After the door to the new expansion was opened up it was time to call the electrician. The electrician spent a few days rewiring a few electrical outlets and wires. After that, it was time to paint. One of Coach Ruas’ previous students, Matthew Vann and his father, were kind enough to paint for us. He and his father spent another several days getting the room up to point with a bright green. We definitely started to see more character in the room and Coach Ruas’ vision was starting to take on a life of its own.



Matthew Vann painting

Only a couple more weeks would go by before our new expansion finally came full circle. With nothing left but little bits of touch ups here and there ASR now has a beautiful addition to its facility. From there Coach Ruas can continue to assist people on their journeys.

IMAG1899 IMAG1898

The new addition!


Whether you’re studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, or private training this expansion will continue to increase your successes. So again, thank you to our friends and family, but also thank you to Coach Ruas. ASR would not be what it is today without you. Some of us would not be who we are today without you.

Muito Obrigado Coach Ruas!