Welcome Michael Peltier! Our new Judo Brown Belt, Fitness Instructor, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Student

//Welcome Michael Peltier! Our new Judo Brown Belt, Fitness Instructor, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Student

Welcome Michael Peltier! Our new Judo Brown Belt, Fitness Instructor, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Student

As summer comes to an end, we wanted to announce some changes to our classes and our staff. So many new and exciting things have happened in the past year it’s almost hard to keep up!


Team ASR kicked off 2016 with a bang! Our renovations and expansion kept us busy at the beginning of the year. Our continued growth & support from our students made this all possible. The added space provides a special area for our private training clients and cross training for classes like Muay Thai. We were able to add many more machines including bikes and rowers, among others, more weight training equipment, and hang several different styles of bags for punching and kicking.


And, of course, back in July our team did very well competing in NAGA in Orange Beach, Alabama. Each competitor brought home several medals, almost all of them gold! Some even won swords! That was a proud day for all of us! Then, just recently, we had a special graduation ceremony and a seminar from the one & only Master Joe Moreira (8 stripe Coral Belt). We, as always, enjoyed our visit with Master Moreira. Please keep an eye out for more pictures from that amazing weekend in August!





These are all great things and the news just keeps getting better as the year goes on. Each year Coach Ruas strives to be a little bit better than the previous year. He always tries to make some type of improvement to the facility. It’s a reward for our students, who are our friends and family, for their continued support. So far how do you feel about our growth? We love to hear feedback. We encourage you to not only come to our school and try our classes but also to review or comment on our blogs!


 Continuing on, we wanted to announce the upcoming schedule of new classes. You heard right: NEW classes. Isn’t that exciting? We are hoping to add not only more classes to our schedule but also a new style of martial arts that is closely related to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and even inspired its development, Judo.




We want to welcome and introduce a new member to our school and staff,  Michael Peltier. Michael is a Brown Belt in Judo and competed in the Junior Olympics. He began training at seven years of age and has since continued developing his skills and talent. He competed in the Junior Olympics in 2003 and 2005. He was also a participant in the 2005 Nationals of Judo in the United States. He is currently new to civilian life after proudly serving five years in the United States Marine Corp. Michael is still in the reserves while he finishes out his commitment to our country. He is currently going to the University of West Florida for Pre-Med. Michael hopes to one day be a doctor in Sports Medicine.




Michael with Coach Johnson at NAGA 2016 where he placed 1st in Gi and No-Gi grappling 

Michael came to the area with his family, his wife and four children, looking to settle down and pursue his dreams. With family in nearby Brewton, Alabama, Michael and his wife found the area ideal to raise their family. Michael, an ISSA certified physical trainer as well as a student, started looking to take up Martial Arts once again. Michael initially came to ASR as just a student. Even though Michael is a Brown Belt in Judo he would be starting over as a White Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, since they are two different forms of martial arts.




Michael practicing an armbar with fellow student Gabrielle


With an already natural talent and practiced precision and skill from Judo, Michael quickly found a place amongst the students as ASR. Coach Ruas added Michael to the staff not only as a personal trainer but also an instructor. We found Michael to be an ideal match and a prized asset to our school. Michael will soon be starting Judo classes here at ASR. He will be overseeing the development of our Judo program as well as being its lead instructor.



    Michael cross training for NAGA 2016



The addition of Judo to our curriculum is important for many reasons. It gives our students another form of Martial Arts to train and will also help our students grow and evolve in their current practices. Judo will give them an edge by teaching throws and takedowns, both very sought after skills for Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. Judo and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu are closely entwined and students will benefit greatly from learning both. For those that don’t know, Master Maeda learned Judo way back when it first came into existence and then passed his discovered techniques to the Gracie family, who we all recognize as the founders of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Many say Judo is the foundation of BJJ.


We welcome Michael and his family to our ASR family and to the area. We look forward to learning from him and watching as he shares his love of Martial Arts with anyone who comes willing to learn!